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Sometimes it can be subtle: a small roof leak that you catch quickly and fix before the damage spreads. Other times it can be something catastrophic, like a storm flinging a tree branch at your house. Either way, you need to know how to hire a roofing contractor. Here's what to look for and ask to...

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So you’ve decided you need to replace your windows. Maybe your energy costs have been steadily increasing over the past few months; perhaps you simply can’t stomach another minute of looking through impossible-to-clean glass and outdated frames. We understand; your choice of windows can greatly a...

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When asked to consider home improvement projects, many will offer responses like a bathroom remodel, kitchen renovation, or window replacement. Gutter replacement often doesn’t make the list of common home improvement projects, but your gutters are crucial to the proper protection of your Greenville...

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Energy efficient windows will save you money both now and in the future. There are many benefits of new windows in your home! Making your home more energy efficient is a new window benefit that is at the top of most peoples list! With 40% of the average energy budget going to heating and c...

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Welcome to our home remodeling blog! We will be frequently posting news on the remodeling industry, our company, and other fun information such as bath or window replacement tips and tricks.  We are very excited and proud to have our new website live and running. It will include any and all inf...

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